Printed Product versus Digital Files

In today’s day and age, with all the technology it seems like all anyone looks for when searching for a photographer is “do I get digital files?”  In the professional photographer’s world, it is the age old debate Printed Product versus Digital Files.  As a photographer it is my job to educate my clients on the advantages and the disadvantages of only ordering digital files.  I admit I used to set my prices as “session + digital files” but I have learned through experience of my own this is not the best option, let me tell you why.

Digital Files

I took the time to educate myself on the matter of printed product versus digital files, now I know I used to love saving all my pictures from the past on disk because they last forever right?  Well actually this is totally the opposite!  I was recently cleaning up my home and organizing things and ran across a box of CDs with pictures on them that I took back in high school.  Well I popped one in the disk drive of my computer and found the entire thing was corrupted, I was super upset because that was a whole slew of memories I just lost because I never thought a CD would get corrupted.  Then to think about it further, those disks have been in that box under my bed for the last 10 years and I haven’t once taken them out to look at them.  I sat there and thought wow, I wish I would have printed all of these because a physical picture would have lasted through the years in that box.

Printed Product versus Digital Files
An Example of a CD & USB hanging on a wall to illustrate printed product versus digital files

Oh, and did you know that it is standard now that computers don’t come with disk drives?  It is an add-on now and would cost you extra in the price of your system.  So then you ask, why not just give me my files on a USB drive?  Well let me explain why that will not last the test of time either.  USB drives and external hard drives just like any electronics can corrupt as well, not to mention the technology that is continually being developed may make these a thing of the past in the future.  So 20 years from now are you sure that USB drive will still work?  Are you sure that this technology will still be around?  Well another horrible thing that happened to me just this past week, my external drive the one I’ve stored clients images on from 2010-2014 (which has failed once in the past and I recovered), well it has failed AGAIN!  Have you ever looked into how much it costs to send a hard drive to a data recovery center?  Well let me tell you this is NOT cheap.  Yeah, I’ve since decided I’m only going to store client images for 1 year and not forever because I cannot guarantee that the images will be safe on the technology I have.

Printed Product

Have I convinced you yet that printed product versus digital files is the way to go?  Well what are the advantages of printed product?  Well first off it will stand the test of time (granted there is not a fire or a flood to damage them, but hey at the same time those scenarios would ruin your disk and/or USB as well).  Have you ever had a guest in your home say “WOW, that’s a great looking CD/USB on your wall?”   Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Wall art, now that’s a way to be reminded of the memory that we created in front of the camera.  Wall art is something that can be a focal point in any room, a conversation starter at a dinner party for instance.  What about Albums?  Albums are a great choice as they can be an heirloom that you pass down to your children from generation to generation.  Prints, though I offer them as an “extra” are great too because you can store them, scrapbook them (is this still a big thing?), heck you can even hang them in your office at work, and they are great for gifts for your parents they can brag about the grandkids everywhere they go.

Printed Product versus Digital Files
An example of a 20×24 canvas hanging on a wall to illustrate printed product versus digital files

Does it all make sense now why printed product is so important?  Yes, I know you still want digital files to share on social media.  Don’t worry in my collections I do give digital files too, I even offer a la carte pricing for just the purchase of digital files but let me warn you, you’ll want printed product of your cute little ones especially once you see the images at the sales session.  Also, if you book with me don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to take care of your printed product and help you decide which direction is the best to go.  Here at Jenea Marie Photography we want you to be happy and will gladly help you design any wall space, and we will help by designing you an album you will want to pass down generation to generation.  Thank you for the time to let me give you a bit of education on printed product versus digital files!

A Day at the Park

A Day At The Park

Back when I first started my business in 2010 I photographed a long time family friend of mine around this same time of year actually.  Five years later they have another son and we spent a day at the park taking photographs of the four kids and a few family shots too!

I still find it hard to believe how quickly they have grown and that it has been five years already.  Time sure flies, that is why I love photography so much, you can capture that moment in time and freeze it forever.

Children and Family PortraitureSacolles_Family_Oct24-2Sacolles_Family_Oct24-3IMG_5007Sacolles_Family_Oct24-8Sacolles_Family_Oct24-13

And of course, the kids remembered that my signature thing used to be taking a funny face photo before the end of the session to add to my collection.  So of course, I said we can do it!  In fact I may begin to implement this back into my sessions just because it is so much fun!


For more funny faces, check out the album I have on Facebook!

Pumpkin Patch Session

Pumpkin Patch Session

In an attempt to re-focus my business on Children and Families, I had a pumpkin patch session with an adorable almost 18 month old June!

June’s parents brought a few adorable costumes to outfit her in for this session, since it is almost Halloween and what better location than McGrath Brothers Great Pacific Pumpkins.

First up we had a cute little ghost dress, and we went to huge piles of small pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch Session

After running around the pumpkin patch trying to keep up with June we took a little break at some hay bales staked, how cute is her tinkerbell?  Her shoes even rattled, so adorable.
Pumpkin Patch Session

She makes an adorable Pebbles, that is for surePumpkin Patch Session

And of course we couldn’t go without a hair down shot, I just love her wild and curly hair, makes me a little jealous!Pumpkin Patch Session

In Other News

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, I’ve been working on updating my website, so please, please, please forgive me for the construction.

Visit the links for our new session fees and collections!

Best Husband Ever Head Shots

Best Husband Ever Head Shots

This week I have been taking some time watching Photo Week 2015 on CreativeLive (a site full of workshops/courses for every kind of creative).  Monday I watched a course about Flash, and learned a simple set up (which I had all the equipment) for using 1 flash for head shots.  Yesterday I also watched a course purely on head shots (though they used a full light set up I do not have).  I was able to talk my husband Ryan into being my guinea pig in a series I call Best Husband Ever Head Shots.

head shot set up one flash
Behind the scenes of the set up I used (I definitely hacked a little bit because I don’t have stands for my reflectors and didn’t have an assistant)


To understand how amazing it is that Ryan agreed to do this, I need to tell you a little bit about him.  He’s not a very serious person, he is a huge goofball that any time I try to do a selfie of us or take a picture of him he makes a silly face (much like this one below).

Best Husband Ever Head Shots goofball


As you can see his goofy personally really shows through.  He tried to be a little more serious but I got this next shot which to me looks like a mug shot.

best husband ever head shots mugshot

I told him to tone it down a little and not look like he’s just been arrested and he gave me this next pose.

best husband ever head shots sweet

As you can see he is super silly so getting something that actually looks like a head shot and not some goofy image was very difficult.  Then finally he gave me a few really good smiles.

Best Husband Ever Head Shots

Our fur baby Ruby decided she wanted to get up in the action again, so he picked her up and I got this adorable photo, which I wish I was in too because it would make the best Christmas Card.

best husband ever head shots with ruby

After this I wanted to try a one liner to get Ryan to laugh naturally because his fake laugh is way too cheesy.  Of course the first joke I told he didn’t laugh and tried to explain it to me, so then I said ok a$$hole (pardon my words, but he loves when I call him that for some reason) I’m trying to get you to actually laugh.  Then I said a few more things and he finally got that natural laugh and I was ready for it!  And got my favorite picture of him ever.

best husband ever head shots laughing

I could tell he was starting to get antsy and uninterested so I asked him to do one more thing for me… the monkey face and of course he did it.

best husband ever head shots monkey

All in all I must say I love my husband, he’s the best ever.  He supports me in all that I do and the fact that he does this and also helps me when I need it I appreciate it and makes me love him even more!

Now I’m ready to get in the head shot game now that I have a set up that gives me great light in a studio setting, stepping outside of my comfort zone of natural lit outdoor sessions.  Its now a new zone I am more comfortable in and excited to use!

Lights, Camera, Dogs

Ever wonder what photographers do when we get bored and need a
break from the computer screen?  We take pictures of course!  I set up the studio in my family room the other day and was taking pictures of myself just to practice lighting.  That day in the studio turned into my fur baby Ruby jumping in on the action.

Lights, Camera, Dogs!!

At first Ruby wouldn’t listen, but once I grabbed a treat she listened to everything I asked her to do.  She’s really good at giving high fives, and shaking, so getting her to stay still was a little bit difficult, but I was able to get her to sit still for log enough to get a few adorable shots of her.

Lights, Camera, Dogs

She sat up for a while, then I decided to document using SnapChat which was the cutest of all the photos I took.  I wish she would smile like this every time.

Lights, Camera, Dogs! on SnapChat

She jumped off the cube, and I wound up Coaxing her back up and she laid down and I got this adorable picture.

Lights, Camera, Dogs!

Funny how the day before this she was being a pain in the rear and barking up a storm, but as soon as the lights and back drop were up she was the perfect pup and cooperated quite well.  You see I’ve been working on getting her to listen better.  I have a baby on the way and I’m trying to break Ruby’s bad habits, which we foolishly let her get away with in the past, so that when the baby comes she is the perfect listener.  Its not as easy as you would think, especially without treats.  I guess I’m not quite Cesar Milan, but I can definitely try my best.

Hair Stylist Larry VanZant

hair stylist larry vanzant

I had the opportunity about a month ago to take photos of my good friend and hair stylist Larry VanZant.  He invited me to the new Salon he works at Patricia Noel Studio in beautiful Montecito.  The salon is very cute and made for a great photoshoot location, couldn’t have asked for a better location.

Being at the Salon for the shoot helped me capture Larry’s
personality as himself and how that shines through in being a hair stylist too. hair stylist larry vanzanthair stylist larry vanzanthair stylist larry vanzantThanks again Larry for inviting me to take photos of you, I had a great time.  And a little plug for him and how great he is, but if you’re interested in an awesomely fun hairstylist visit him on Style Seat  and you can book an appointment!

Lets Play Some Catch Up


Jenea Marie Timeline


Oh boy has a lot gone down since I last blogged. I was intending to blog about each thing that has happend that was pretty awesome, but I have been doing so much I just haven’t found the time to sit down to tell you. Well for the new year I have been making changes to the business and one of the things being finally getting my website the way I had been envisioning it for quite a long time. I’ve worked out some kinks and added some galleries. I have also been revising my pricing/packaging so that might look different to you if you had seen it before.


So in January, totally unrelated to photography, I ran my first Half Marathon. And what better place to do it than at Disneyland. It felt totally awesome that I did it but afterwards the pain and then having been sick prior it escallated to full blown cold/flu. But it was totally worth it. It felt totally awesome that my wonderful boyfriend went down to Anaheim with me to cheer me on throughout the race, and now I definitely can’t wait to run it again next year and beat my time.


web7web4Lets see, whatelse has gone on. Oh, yes, I had a few sessions with a couple of amazing models as well. First I shot with Lindsey in Downtown Ventura where it was slightly overcast but made from some gorgeous images I was looking for to spruce up my portfolio and get more new stuff up on the website. The following day I shot with Reilly in Old Town Camarillo, where I got even more amazing images. In the process of these shoots and watching some workshops on CreativeLIVE I decided to take my business in a new sort of direction. I love Seniors, Glamour, and Boudoir so my focus is changing. Don’t get me wrong I’m still planning on doing weddings here and there as well as family portraits like always.

In February, I got the opportunity to do a shoot with some friends and their local band: The Loads. We did some pretty awesome stuff in downtown Ventura and up at the cross on the hill overlooking the city. I rented a lens for the first time and worked with the Fisheye which was totally amazing. I wish money grew on trees so I could buy every lens imaginable, but we all know that isn’t possible so in the meantime for fun I’ll rent a lens here and there, Lens Pro to Go had such great customer service and speedy deliveries so I for see this in the future.




This week, I purchased some V-Flats and did some painting in prep to do some studio style shooting right from my apartment. This weekend I have 4 photoshoots, yes you read that correctly FOUR!! I am super stoked to get working and I can’t wait to show you what I come up with in prep to release my Fanpage for the Boudoir aspect of my business (which I will definitely link here for you all to go “like”). And then there is next week, which I have a dancer lined up for a concept shoot I’ve been dying to do for quite some time so super stoked for things to come! And hope you continue to follow me and that I hear from all of you soon!!

Me The Photographer In Front of the Camera!?

Jenea Marie Photography

Jenea Marie Photography

Who knew that I would get chance to be in front of the camera.  In the process of completing my website I realized I needed images of myself to put in the About section.  One day at work it dawned on me to ask my coworker Emilene, whom also has a love for photography, to do a photo shoot with me.  She was thrilled when I asked, and we discussed the details during the week before we left for the holiday break.  We met up that weekend and went to this really cool location in Pt. Huneme that Emilene suggested.  When we got there, I was super excited because the location was amazing.  I had never been there so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Now that I know about this place I plan to use it for future sessions.

I never knew how fun it would be to get a chance to be the client, I used some of my posing ideas myself.  I know that sounds funny, but I actually do try every thing I try to have clients or models do in a pose.  It helps me get the creative juices flowing I suppose.

It is a common misconception that sunny days are best for outdoor sessions.  Well this image is proof that a drizzly, cloudy, overcast day is the perfect lighting for outdoor sessions. 
IMG_8245Although, sunny weather is better for a warmer temperature to be outdoors, I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to cold.  I sucked it up though and we had a lot of fun creating some awesome images that I totally forgot about how chilly it was outside.  After a few hours of laughing, smiling, and creating we packed up and it started to rain, what perfect timing, it was like things were supposed to happen this way.  With that I leave you with this collage I created.LaughSmileCreate

Grumpy One Year Old

It never fails, anytime I do a photo shoot for AnnMarie and Larry I cannot get Dylan to smile. Although, I must say he was the most cooperative newborn I did photos of, he slept the whole time and did not make a fuss when I moved him. But for now and the future, I think it is time for me to find a super duper assistant that can get any kid to crack a smile. I was however able to get this adorable picture of him (took 4 of us to get him to smile thank heavens it is not a blurry photo), although I thought we were going to get the letters out of order when we set him down to play with them. But again, it did make for a cute somewhat candid image.

Jenea Marie Photography

Maybe when Dylan turns two he will be all smiles for me ☺. Thank you again AnnMarie and Larry for being amazing friends and clients I always look forward to working on images for you.
Jenea Marie Photography

Collaboration for Lu Ross Academy Final

I seem to forget I have a page on Model Mayhem a website for photographers, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, etc; then every so often I will get an email from someone related to the industry asking to collaborate. In this case I was found again by a student at the Lu Ross Academy for Make-up Artistry, I worked with another last year on their final also so I was ready to go to a cool location set out by the school and do a concept photo shoot. In this case the location was Salon Envy in Oxnard, I had never been here, but was super excited when I walked in because it was simply perfect for the concept Cassidi picked out for her final, pin-up. The model of choice was Brianna, the three of us never met before the day of the shoot, so I was a little bit scared at first but knew from the experience I had last year that it would all be good and we would all get some great images for our portfolios. When I arrived we all hit it off and we seemed to be a little more relaxed than the other groups there that evening. We were working on a time frame and in a small space so we got cracking.   Below is the result of my collaboration for Lu Ross Academy final for Cassidi.

This image is probably my favorite from the entire evening. I utilized the mirror at one of the stations to capture Brianna as she added the final touches to her lipstick.

Jenea Marie Photography

At the end of the evening after one of the groups began to clean up we got to use one of the stations and set it up with the awesome props Cassidi brought. Marylin Monroe is her inspiration and we wanted to give the images a Marylin feel.

Jenea Marie Photography

All in all we had a wonderful session and I hope that one day I can work with these girls again on another photoshoot. I always love when I get to work with people that are fun and goofy.

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